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Detroit women are romantic:

Detroit women are romantic. It’s a fact! And we don’t mean the kind of romance where you go out on dates, hold hands and act like teenagers in love. We mean the kind of romance that helps your partner feel special. The kind of romantic that ensures he knows that he is loved, appreciated, and respected by his woman.

When you treat your boo right they will return the favor tenfold; they will respect your wishes and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy…even when it’s inconvenient for themselves. So, it would be easy to meet them on Detroit chat lines.

They like to be pampered by their men

One of the most important things to know about Detroit women is that they like to be pampered by their men on chat lines. They want to feel like princesses, queens, and the most important person in their man’s life. If you can’t treat them this way then don’t bother trying to develop a casual relationship with one of these women as they will only end up getting hurt.

What is the majority race in Detroit?

  • African American 78.33%
  • White 14.70%
  • Hispanic 4.09%
  • Asian 1.75%

Do they love talking with boys?

Detroit women love to talk. They love to talk about their problems, their feelings, and the future. They like to share everything with you.

They don’t only want men who are romantic but also those who can be good listeners too!

Do they love flirting?

Yes, they are very good at it. They love to flirt with men and boys. They like to flirt with each other too! You can see them out on the street flirting all the time. It doesn’t matter if they are old or young or where they come from: women in Detroit love to flirt!

Are they sexy?

Detroit women are sexy. They are hot. They are beautiful. They are stunningly gorgeous, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone else who can top them on any aesthetic level. Even if they aren’t the most attractive woman in the room, they will still be able to get your blood pumping with their charm and sex appeal—and that’s just how it goes here in Detroit!


The evidence is clear. Detroit women are romantic and they know how important a relationship is. But it’s not all about the romance, they have brains too! If you’re looking for something more than just a pretty face then look no further than Detroit.