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When you want to talk with people from your own area, LocalHotChat is for you! You can actually have a conversation without any of that pesky ringing-off nonsense. This online dating service will let you connect with other singles in your local region and give them access to a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.


  • Editor’s rating: 7/10.
  • Free trials: 30 min.
  • Call: 1-310-746-2366

The best way for single adults looking to find someone special is by finding one another on a free phone chatline. Or through an online phone sex site like LocalHotChat, which offers not only a great platform. But also all these fantastic features, including geo-targeting, so if there’s somebody nearby, then it’ll be more accessible than ever before!


Local Hot Chat Phone Number

Name LocalHotChat
Established 2010
Users Straight and GAY
Operating Language English
Entry Age 18+
Community Adult focused
LGBTQ service Yes, for Gay.
Operating area USA & CA
Estimated visitor 1k+ (which was 30k+ a few months ago)
Users trend Neg.
Users’ loyalty (trust) Moderate
User base Common people
Editor’s Rating 7/10
Anonymity Yes
Safety High
Privacy Policy US Standard
Personal information asked Name, age, gender,

and card or bank details if you buy a subscription.

Local search Yes
Community engagement Yes
3 some/group No
Block callers Yes
Self adding Talktime As you go
Dating Matching N/a
Greeting Clip Yes
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes
Deducted membership Yes, after 3 months of inactivity.
Customer service Yes, 24/7
Free trials Yes, 30 min.
Price $4.99 for 10 min.
Female Subscription N/a
Payment options
Payment options Visa, Creditcard, Mastercard, etc.
Payment Security Via, SSL.
Sign up bonus Yes, 30 min.
Members loyalty reward N/a

What is Local Hot Chat?

LocalHotChat is the leading online dating service. It allows you to connect with people from your own area and find potential matches for a long-lasting relationship, friendship, or even romance if that’s what you’re looking for.

Free services

There’s no better way to find the perfect man or woman than with Local Hot Chat. It has been helping singles meet their soulmate for over 20 years and can help you too! Simply pick up your phone, dial 1-310-746-2366, follow the easy voice prompts to join in on all of the fun – Men always call free, and Women enjoy a Free trial period that lasts as long as they like.

Safety features

The company’s servers are encrypted with industry-standard security techniques to ensure that information is not lost or stolen while in transit.

The phone system only accepts the correct membership number and passcode. Trying to get an account without a card or with incorrect numbers will result in rejection- you’ll be asked to verify your identity before your access can continue.

After inputting the correct password, one is granted full access as long as they are not on any naughty list – which should never happen!


Find someone you want to get to know from afar? Find out if there’s a particular flame with unique sparks that might be worth exploring! Your private chats are just for the two of you. When it comes time, your messages will still be flying around, so don’t worry about missing them too much.

The chances of finding that romantic spark are really high. There’s only one way to find out, and it starts with inviting someone special for a private conversation!

Free trials:

Are you looking for a free phone number that is not going to charge your credit card? If so, then look no further. All male callers get 30 minutes of free time with the network of local women who are always available and do not need any personal information from their callers!

Age requirements

You should be 18 years or older to be eligible to use these adult chat sites. And your age verification is required before you make any calls.

Does Local Hot Chat offer area code chat lines/local chat?

Yes, LocalHotChat has area code chat for over 30 states. Local numbers are different for straight and gay persons. So, look before you take any.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

No, there is nothing like a “hotlist” service you will get at Livelinks or similar phone dating/phone services.


For women: Always free for women!

For men: The essential cost of using LocalHotChat is 10 min or $4.99.

Note: Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, cash on the phone.

Note: Your payment processing is secured by SSL security features.

Password recovery:

Call our friendly customer service team toll-free at 1.877.351.6824 to get your account information back on track, or call Local Hot Chat and re-enter credit card info for a new user name and passcode!

Deducted membership:

After you’ve recorded your greeting and are ready to listen to greetings from other callers, time starts being deducted on a per-minute basis. Unused memberships that aren’t used for 30 days will be charged the 10-minute maintenance fee, making sure there is plenty of content before leaving it unused.


We’ve reviewed Local Hot Chat and found it to be an excellent way for singles in your area to meet. It’s free, easy to use, and offers many features like chat rooms, private messages, and video chat with voice messaging capabilities. If you’re looking for something that can help you find love locally or just make some new friends while on the go, this latest app is worth checking out.