Night Connect Free Trial Number | Is NightConnect Worth Trying?

Night Connect is a chat line for adults but specifically designed for guys. The best thing about this line is that it’s not just an adult chat service; it also has dating features.

I’ll review NightConnect in detail below to show you why it’s great!


NightConnect is a phone chat line with free trials for adults, with a focus on helping people find partners. It’s not uncommon to see ads on TV or the internet that promote these services, but how do you know if they are legitimate?

Please read our review of NightConnect and get all the information you need about their service before signing up!


Night Connect Free Trial Number | Is NightConnect Worth Trying?

Operating LanguageEnglish
Entry Age18+
CommunityAdult-focused, Phone
LGBTQ serviceN/a
Operating areaThe USA, CA
Estimated visitor20k+
Users trendExtremely Positive
Users’ loyalty (trust)Positive
User baseMostly white American
Editor’s Rating9/10
Privacy PolicyUS Standard
Personal information askedName, age, gender,

and card or bank details if you buy a subscription.

Local searchYes
Community engagementYes
3 some/groupYes, Paid Service
Block callersYes, Paid Service
Self adding TalktimeYes, Paid Service
Dating MatchingN/a
Greeting ClipYes
Pre-recorded voice clipYes, Paid Service
Deducted membershipNo
Customer serviceYes, 24/7
Free trialsYes
Price$4.99 for 10 min, $9.99 for 60 min, and $29.99 for 100 min.
Female SubscriptionYes, Free Forever
Payment options
Payment optionsVisa, Creditcard, Mastercard, etc.
Payment SecuritySSL security
Sign up bonusYes
Members loyalty rewardN/a


What is NightConnect?

NightConnect is the leading provider of adults-only chatlines in 2,000 communities across America and California. Night Connect offers a wide range of services, including live phone chats with others who are ready to get more out of their nights, intimate encounters through webcam chatting for those looking for something casual, or even just an honest conversation about life’s challenges without judgment – all available when you need it most.

NightConnect is the perfect place for adults looking to have more live phone chat, get intimate with someone new, or hook up. Night Connect has an interactive voice response technology that makes it easy and fun as if you’re talking on your cell phone.

Is a lot of women use Night Connect Free Trial Number?

NightConnect is a free, easy-to-join phone chat service that lets you connect with single women across the US. With NightConnect’s instant message system and private chats, it has never been easier to find someone who catches your eye!

Women love connecting with other people through our services because they can take as much time or little time as needed for themselves without worrying about any cost involved in talking on the phone. Women can use this site whenever they want, which means no matter what mood she’s feeling at the moment, there will be somebody available right away waiting just for them!

Age requirements

Adult chat lines strictly follow their user’s ages. You must be over 18 to be able to use NightConnect.

What types of women call Night Connect?

You will be connected to real women living in your city or a different state. A one-on-one conversation with real women from your local city. I’ve had some amazing conversations and found them very fulfilling on an emotional level for me.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

Yes, if you paid them for a subscription, this advanced feature will be accessible to you. The hotlist is used to save women’s IDs/numbers on an adult chat line.

How to reset a password

Resetting your password can be a breeze! Call customer service, which is free, and they will walk you through the reset process. First, they’ll ask for some personal information to verify that you call things like your SSN or other details of importance. They might also want more account info if necessary before resetting; then sit tight while we take care of everything else in the background, so all is set up as soon as possible!


NightConnect is a service that offers privacy for phone chats and complete anonymity. Night Connect ensures the safety of your identity by always masking your number so you can converse without worry.

NightConnect is the best phone chatting platform because it not only protects your identity and privacy but also guarantees that you’ll have a great conversation without any stress. You can share anything from pictures to links with each other on Night Connect’s sleek mobile interface for free!

Payment options

Accepts all major credit cards. You can also pay with Echeck.Net, a safe and secure payment system that accepts PayPal or your bank account!


Free trial: 30 min.

For women: Free
For men: All guys from the USA & CA will enjoy 30 min free trial, after that, they will be charged 10 mins $9.99, 60 mins $19.99, and 100 mins $59.99.
Note: Free trials are available for everyone on a certain phone number for the first time.

The phone calls you make could be costing more than the monthly plan advertised. Long-distance charges may apply if you are calling from outside of your local area, and it is never a good idea to forget that they exist!

Payment Security

The Credit Card Transaction Authorization System is a sophisticated and powerful system that ensures your credit card information stays private. When you make an online purchase, the merchant uses this software to authorize your transaction with the financial institution that issued it. You’ll get the confirmation via email once they’ve received and processed all of their data from our servers!


Night Connect is a chat line for adults, and it’s available 24 hours per day to provide you with the best phone around. This service can be used by anyone who wants to explore or have some fun talking one-on-one with another person on the other end of a call. The platform has been reviewed as being very easy to use and reliable when finding someone online who shares your interests in adult entertainment.