Phone Chat Line For Women To Forget Ex & How To Start Over

Being a single woman or single girl is always awkward when you see your friends having fun with their boyfriends. But nobody control one’s life neither does one’s fate.

Getting engaged and breaking up with BF is completely normal but at some point in your life could face a complete disaster, if you are not ready for it. I suggest you use phone chat lines for women to forget ex.

Don’t worry, I know how to fix someone from a breakup and rebuilt and completely reshape it, doesn’t matter which stage are you in. 

So, without worrying so much, follow my instructions, and help yourself rebuild your life again. The breakup happens sometimes for cheating, arguments, over rulings, sexual, and sometimes for no reason at all. I have written a comprehensive guide on how to fix your mentality and how to move on.

Remaining single is not always hard and maintaining a smooth relationship is not pointing out any good, but people want partners in life, especially women who feel uncomfortable without a male friend, not just for a better sexual life but also deserve a life partner for security.

Phone chat line for women to forget your ex

Forgetting your ex is difficult but now with the help of technology, you have so many options and tools like phone sex lines which will make your life much easier.

How do phone chat lines help:

Adult sex lines offer free membership for women for an unlimited time and you can use it to forget your ex. It is easy to use and secure. You can call any boys in your local area or outside of your area whenever you feel bored and unhappy. There are a ton of guys out there who is ready to make you laugh, ready to fulfill your sexual desire.

Is it normal to use adult lines:

Yes, it is. Millions of women from the US and CA are using adult lines every day to explore dirk’s fantasy, to find love, and to spice up their life.

How to flirt with boys:

Go and choose an adult line and record your voice clip. And start accepting requests or sending call requests. It is safe and secure. Nobody knows you. You can do phone sex to a friendly conversation – everything is there.

How to start over

Find out why you are still single?

There is so many single male out there looking for a girl or woman, still, you are single? What’s your fault? Is your behavior or attitude keeping you away?

Find out what is your problem by asking yourself some basic questions. And if you are someone trying to fall in love for the first time, this section is not for you, skip it now.

Ask 5 questions to yourself before you start again

So, what are the questions? I have listed the top 5 problems that work on every type of relationship breakup. Try to understand deeply to learn your inner mind.

Q1. Whose fault was active?

The first and the most basic thing is to look at your fault that ruins your love life previously. Was it you who is responsible for everything or he was aggressive? Remember, blaming others is the easiest solution but is an equally Incorrect one too. Your mind is most likely to blame your partner but if you don’t find your mistake, more likely this is going to happen again.

Pro tips: Go to sleep this night, wake up early and then start thinking on a blank mind. Don’t be judgemental, be specific, and be honest. Asking for help from your best friend will help you a lot.

Q2. Did you take any steps to prevent it?

A breakup in a relationship could be the result of his decision or yours, it is not countable now. What is important is that what did you do to prevent it, was it enough? Could you honestly tell me, you were 100% right, and everything happens because of him?

Pro tips: When you are honest, you are confident of not doing anything wrong, you don’t need to worry about it, everything is ok.

Q3. Were you cheating with him?

Statistics revealed that women and men love cheating, and the more interesting fact is, that relationships breakup happens mostly for cheating issues. If you really love more boys, different boys every time, don’t just make a real relationship, take your time, and keep enjoying until you are satisfied with that. It is totally unfair to cheat in any real relationship, make friends with benefits instead.

Q4. Was your physical fitness responsible?

Sexual attractions are the primary focus of any casual relationship and if it goes wrong, relationships and marriage both won’t last. Ask yourself some questions?

  1. Are you overweight?
  2. Are you smell good? Are you clean?
  3. Are you smart?
  4. Are you cool to be with?

Sometimes mentally gorgeous is not enough, a sexy look, cool style, and attractive movement become important. Don’t be sad, it could be achieved, but how, I’m going to discuss it in the next section.

Q5. Did you learn anything from there?

Everyone does mistakes, without it how can you grow the question is what did you learn from your mistake, and are you making yourself better? If you have learned something from your mistake, you are on the right path, but if you didn’t you don’t deserve a better relationship now.

I know, it’s a bold statement but it is the reality, nobody can change it. Only hard work makes our life better.

Work on your flaws – advice for single Christian women

Now, girls, it is time to work on yourself to improve yourself as a better person, the attractive person means possible desire. The queen of habit, attitude, and personality – everything is textbook quality, highly desirable, and appealing. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

So, let’s jump into the workflows and see what you can do to change your life forever.

10 things to improve in yourself before you re-engage with someone

Tip1. Don’t be too judgemental

The most common problem of most women is they are too judgemental. They judge too much, want so much, expect too many, and get nothing. This is because no one is perfect in this world, you need to readjust things to be a happy woman. Guys are this, they are doing that, they don’t know how to behave, they are not caring, etc. The list is endless and goes on.

Good boys are a bit shy about women, playboys are moody, and alpha males are careless, this is how it works, you can’t have everything on the same plate.

Tip2. Don’t be a selfish woman

Don’t just think of your comfort, your aims, your attitudes, let him decide something. Don’t just wait to pay him every time, step forward sometimes. You know what, selfish women and girls are not liked by all, not well treated, and well respected. Most women are not aware of being selfish, it becomes quite normal for them but if you don’t fix it, you will not be well treated.

Tip3. Give some respect

Respect is everything, don’t act like disrespectful spoil rich kids, the relationship stands on respect and trust. Let him make some decisions, listen to him, what’s his viewpoint. When you talk, be respectful to others, and don’t be rude, people will like you.

Everyone loves respectful women, she has more friends and a larger circle which helps her build relationships faster. The more you meet people, the better your circle will be. A better social circle will help you find a boyfriend, and be successful in life.

Tip4. Give up the “all perfect” mentality

Nobody is perfect, there is not many Jems Bond out there, at least not for an ordinary girl. Overlooking the present, the real situation is another big problem. I know women like alpha males like Elon Mask, but how many of them are out there? Did you ever meet anyone like him?

Get used to what you have. Of course, you will be searching for the best possible man available but don’t overdo it, don’t be so aggressive that you don’t see anyone fits around you.

Tip5. Stop jealousy

Don’t be jealous of your friend’s boyfriend. Jealousy is something that causes the most harm in your relationships when you realize, it is just over. Jealousy can remain between you two, but not in extreme conditions. If he is talking to a woman, doesn’t mean he is cheating on you. Don’t let your ego come first, respect your relationship, respect him.

Tip6. Don’t be so cheap

Don’t be so cheap, don’t go with anyone to pay for your meal. Don’t go with someone who has a flashy car, lots of money, and some fame. If the person is not good at behavior, doesn’t respect women, and doesn’t care about the relationship, it is not a good idea to hang out with him. He is more likely to take advantage of you, and use you as a sex-linked instead of you as his girlfriend.

Tip7. Be the best version of yourself

Do some homework on yourself on how you look good, how you talk attractive, and how you will be popular among local boys. Make your lifestyle best, don’t spend your life on what other things are on you, you can do better than now.

Work on what you have, and then work on what you have not, this is how you can maximize your potential, and your efforts. While other women around you think about what they should do, you are already working on it.

Tip8. Be specific

Be specific on what you need, and what you want in a guy. Make a list of all possible qualities that you like, and then think is it really possible? I found sometimes, that women listed so many things that do not seem real! Don’t expect too much, be realistic.

When you found out the desired types of males you want to meet, you can study their mentality, habits, and expectations. You can change and adapt yourself to their requirements to have success fast.

Tip9. Be honest

Be honest about what you are, you don’t need to hide from society like a fake bitch to show up everywhere. You know what, bitches are everywhere, and guys understand who is real and who is bitch.

Wearing fake brands, try to look rich, and acting like super smart is not giving you a better love partner, fake brings fake.

Tip10. Work on your physical and mental health

The last and final thing is to work on your physical and mental health to improve your life not for guys only, but for your career as well. Go to the gym if you can afford it, or take-home exercise, have a walk every day, or do yoga. Just do whatever you need to do to make yourself attractive. Nobody likes fat kids, with a bit exception. Sugar babies are not treated by all.

Judge him before you give your hart

One of the main concerns about unsuccessful relationships and dating is women don’t really judge men before she gives their heart. This is more like, someone blindfolded walking in a street thinking of not getting hit by a car! Going on a first date with someone completely unknown or little tested is ok but giving your heart to him is a serious mistake.

And I’m here to walk you through how you can judge any person within 30 minutes! So, let’s jump on.

5 ways you can judge a guy

People reveal themselves within 15 minutes on average:

Do you know most people reveal themselves within 15 minutes on average! It is super easy, right? No! You have to be patient and use a different skill set to make him talk because most clever guys already know this, and most likely they won’t let them expose. The guys easily talk, have a little experience with women, will talk a lot faster.

Pro tips: The first 5 minutes do nothing, just listen to him, try to figure out his mentality, and if he seems a bit emotional or embarrassed most probably he is not experienced with girls, and he is going to reveal himself within a few minutes. But for a tough guy, you should ask the question about their life, hobbies, what’s his view on women, what types of food he likes, etc to reveal him, although it is not easy.

Don’t tell everything in the first place:

You know what, listening is the, most important tool to know him better. Doesn’t matter how clever he is, he will reveal himself, if not some information at least, through you understand what is he and who is he. Don’t always speak, let him talk. The more he talks, the faster he will expose.

Keep low expectations in the first place:

Keep a very low expectation on dating, just meet him, try to enjoy the moments, and analysis him. High expectation creates obstacles to true judgment by blocking your brain from real facts, on the other hand, low expectations make you suspicious, and curious about him which tells your brain to gather more information before making trust.

Find out his intentions:

Is he a gold digger or sex-addicted guy who doesn’t want a stable relationship, but instead takes advantage of you? Just ask him some questions.

  1. What didn’t work in your previous relationship?
  2. Why do you think I’m special?
  3. What’s the goal of this relationship?

Just make him talk, push him into the un-comfort zone, and he will accidentally reveal some secrets that will help you later.

Take your most cleaver friend with you:

The safest option for introverted women is to take your most clever friend with you who has experience in judging male behavior, he/she will do the toughest job for you easily.

Friends are awesome, they are always at our side, and they know what is best for us, sometimes better than ours! So, it is always a good option to bring 3rd party options on any bigger things to reduce risks.

How to find a partner – dating advice for girls

It is time to find a partner in your life, and bring some happiness, and excitement to your life. You have learned a lot, and experienced a lot but it is time to move on. Life doesn’t stop for anything, be positive, be ready for everything, things that you handle and that cannot.

Finding a partner is easy but finding a good one is equally difficult. You know what, there are a few good boys out there, and they are not easy. So, I have made a step-by-step blueprint to get a lot of boys on your side.

Where should you find it?

Now it is the big question of where you can find those good guys among a lot of fake crowds. You can go with a more traditional approach, the conservative ways which your ancestors used, or follow the most modern, easiest way to find them.

How should you find it?

  1. Should you choose the old-school formula?
  2. Should you choose to cut aged technology?

Both methods work perfectly fine, and I suggest both get laid fast!  

The traditional styles

Women with a conservative mindset and who want real feelings on dating adventure, the hard work, and the rewards of a relationship, are more likely to use traditional styles of dating. From ancient times before the invention of the internet and dating apps, everyone is using this way of finding love.

The 5 ways you can try to get boys on your side.

Ask your friend: The easiest way is simply to ask your friends to find someone who fits your mentality and status. They know who we are, and what we want, and they will ask from their known which is safer of course.

Built a large circle:  A bigger social circle means the easiest way to get offers from guys. Boys love women but they don’t have much access to them. If you talk to more guys every day, you are going to get more guys like your friend and followers. As a result, more offers from males!

Built an eye-catching hobby: Did you really notice, that a few famous girls from your friend or local area get way more attention than you do? Popularity among local boys is the easiest thing to do but has the most effective impact on your love life. You will never run out of BF! Try to build an eye-catching hobby like dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, hosting local parties, etc. You don’t need to be a stage performer, if you do, it is great, but being good at something is significant.

Go to Church: Church is a really important part of society for a thousand years and it will be forever. Religious, well-behaved, and educated males attend Church at least once a week. It would be a good idea to meet them there, at least you know, drug addicts are not going there.

Involve with charity work or host events: Wealthy people run charities and in most cases, you will meet some of the best males in society. Besides, you have the chance of doing social work.

Easy, up to date, modern aged style

Time has changed a lot after the invention of the internet and the smart device. More and more people are using the internet to find love. If you see some statistics, you will find multiple million people are using dating apps, dating sites, chat lines, and social media to find love easily.

Online dating apps/sites: Dating apps/sites are the most effective tools to find love online. It claims to give the desired results within 6 to 8 months! Sometimes a lot faster depending on what you want. Tinder, eHarmony, and EliteSingles are some of the best dating apps out there.

Social media groups: Facebook groups are one of the best places to find love on social media but don’t overlook dating scammers, most time they hit on social media. Check his profile before you make4 any move.

Attend speed dating events: Speed dating events are kinds of traditional but it organized in modern ways. A brunch of couples attend the event and meet each other and try to find out who is their potential match.

Chat line dating: For those of love to talk to random guys, or flirt with random, a free phone sex line number is one of the best choices for you. It provides chat partners within the first hour of opening an account with them. Livelinks and RedHot Dateline are the most popular chat lines.

Adult hookup sites: Adult hookup sites are great for casual hookups and sex within a very fast time. Tinder and AdultFriendFinder are the two most popular adult dating sites.

Things a single woman should do

A single woman should follow some qualities and avoid some to get success in the future. It doesn’t matter your age or income state. Do it every day to become a successful person, become a healthy person, and look and feel good.

Work-out or yoga every day: Try to work out every day, if not do at least 3 to 5 days a week to keep your body fit and active. A slim body always attracts a lot of males around you, you will look hot, and feel better.

Proper hygiene: Maintain some basic hygiene, you know a lot of girls live in depression, they are unwilling to work out, unwilling to commit and they lose their life, their success. Get a good dress, be confident, and work to win.

Smells good: Do you smell good, good enough to attract any boys around you? The easiest way to figure out is to ask your friend. Buy a good perfume that really matters.

Maintain a proper diet: To keep yourself fit, energetic, and young, you must maintain a proper diet. Don’t just throw some fast food into your stomach, eat some healthy foods too. Boys don’t really like sugar babies.

Attitude: The time you change your attitude, you change your life. Attitude is so important, it is different between a winner and a loser! Think like a successful woman, act like a successful woman, and you will attract some of the best guys around you, they love confident women.

Things a single woman should avoid

There is something you must avoid from your life. You must stop meeting negative people immediately, they can ruin your whole day, sometimes a month.

Overeating habits are another concern for depressed women, they like to eat much to remove depression.

Take control over I’m the best mentality, although you need a certain amount of those to boost your confidence, still, you have to avoid it.

Depression and Anxiety are like two bullets that are willing to take down your life. Life is beautiful, there are so many things to do. Forget whatever you have faced, and go on to the future.

Most commonly asked questions on dating

Q1. Can you be single and dating?

Women can be single and dating at the same time if they stay out of long-term commitments. Most often, women use dating apps and adult hookup sites to meet a lot of different guys over time and go out for a date. But it can seriously impact your marriage life and committed relationships.

Q2. What does a woman really want in a relationship?

In most cases, women want security, respect, and romance in a relationship. In some cases, sexual behaviors and financial freedoms act as the key factor. Overall, women are like the alpha males, perfect in every shape and aspect.

Q3. How can a woman be strong in a relationship?

Staying focused, being honest, and having 100 committed mentalities make women strong in relationships. A never-give-up mentality plays an important role.

Q5. Is it OK to be single for the rest of your life?

Women don’t have the mentality of being a mom, is OK to be single for the rest of their life. She can commit to remaining single forever.


Forgetting ex can be difficult but with the help of adult sex technology, it is a lot easier than before. When you will get a lot of women easily, and have the kinkiest talk with them, you will forget it easily.

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