Should I Forgive My Husband For Calling Sex Lines?

With the increasing popularity of free chat line dating or adult phone sex lines, it has become standard for a married man to go there. But since it rises, it is creating much trouble in married life.

Most people are still unaware or still fear being stolen in a relationship. Sometimes jealousy puts pressure, but stopping an adult male from phone sex is not easy, especially when it becomes easy to get.

So, I will explain on adult line and cheating issues for a couple of life.


Should I Forgive My Husband For Calling Sex Lines?

But before we start, let me clarify the concept of phone sex sites and how it works. Because I have seen many women don’t understand the whole scenario and shout at their husbands unnecessarily. Lets began…

What are sex chat lines?

A sex chat line is a phone sex number for adults who want to have fun and flirt over the phone with random women. But most importantly, they can’t see each other, neither they know their real name. It is done with high secrecy with 100% professionalism.

It is like a dating service or dating app, but it connects users via voice message. Like Tinder, it has some algorithms and features. But, most of the time, guys use it as a flirting tool and have fun. Nothing is serious goes here.

Why do people call sex chat lines?

Adult lines are an unlimited source of fun and entertainment which is hugely accepted by thousands of guys recently. As dating apps is taking an enormous time to see result, guys are looking for new types of service, a new type of kink. And the chat line features all of it. It has a better communication system, faster connection, cheaper call rate, real horny women, everything.

Anyone with a manly voice sees success, no matter how much money you own, how you look, how smart you are. So, it has a considerable advantage over the chat lines.

So, why people call sex lines:

  • Easy to success
  • A lot of real women
  • Less scammer
  • 100% effective
  • Easy to get laid
  • Horny women
  • Meet local hornys

What is cheating?

The words cheating mean a guy or woman has an extra affair outside of married life without his or her partners’ knowledge. In most case, sexual relation with other man or women is considered cheating.

Cheating in married life means a weaker and faulty married life which signals a possible red flag. However, there are huge cases where someone is fixed, and they are living everyday life.

Do chat lines harm married life?

Sometimes, males use dating apps or chat lines to boost their confidence, which is ok unless he becomes addicted. The main difference between social dating sites and adult lines is the accuracy and user behavior. Adult line women are incredibly aggressive, sexy, and horny; they love to talk to men, and if they find confidence in anybody, they will get laid easily.

When to draw a red flag?

A relationship can be lost in seconds when this happens, but there are also other factors to consider. The first thing that should come to your mind is whether or not you feel like he cheated with someone else because it was something out of his control and just happened one time and probably won’t happen again – if so, then you should forgive him as long as he promises never to do it again.

However, if it seems like he did cheat on purpose- more than once, then I would recommend talking about forgiving him later after they both agree on the boundaries for their marriage. And then it will be going forward that could include not having any sex with other people.

Is it ok to stop him?

Of course, cheating is officially a red flag of a relationship, and don’t let it happen for long and help him make it a habit. You have to stop him immediately.

How to approach him:

Don’t approach him directly; it will hurt your relationship forever. If you have any familiar friends, you may ask for help. Or you can request a relationship expert for help. This depends on your situation and doesn’t overthink the situation. Ask politely first, then ask for help from a familiar friend and if it still doesn’t get solved, go to a relationship advisor near you.

How to stop him:

It’s a difficult question, how to stop him. No one method fits all.

  1. Counseling him first, don’t hurt him. Phone sex cheating is not cheating with women that make you crazy. So, approach him nicely.
  2. Tell him to delete the service, as he can restore the female friend’s name or address.
  3. Offer him some sexual approach, like if he wants, both of you can have a phone sex experience by role-playing.

If all those don’t work, visit a relationship counselor.


So, should I forgive my husband for calling sex lines? Phone sex cheating is not a severe type of offense; you can easily control the situation. If it doesn’t get extreme, ignore it. Tell him to stop and forgive him.

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