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Meet random hottest singles on phone chat line numbers to get the naughty feelings. Singles from all over North America, especially from the USA & CA, are waiting on free trial chat lines to talk to single like you.


Free Single Chat Line Numbers 2022

Livelinks – 1-800-916-1090

There is no one who has not heard of Livelinks. It is the only chat line with more than 1 million monthly users making it easier ways to get laid. Livelinks is said to be the boss of the phone chat line world. For more than two decades it has been the first choice for single men and women to talk on the phone.

They have the confidence to serve the community with the highest privacy. You can talk to the local girls of your choice. You can easily find it by local hot women via postcode.

You can also have group chats. Livelinks also gives you SSL security and adequate security for billing privacy. With free minutes and points, you can make the Hotlist of your choice and talk to your dream girls.

Single Chat Lines

TheFreeChatLine – 1-504-620-2222

In our recent review, we noticed a significant update of this chat line, attracting a large crowd, adding more features, and more numbers to talk to. But unfortunately, google hit it hard that causes a dramatic traffic drop.

However, if you don’t want to pay for the phone then you can talk to the chat line number for free and no one will ever have to pay.

TheFreeChatLine established in 2002, is a popular service that adds more than 15,000 people every day. Although their website is not very sophisticated, you can use it freely if you want. 100 minutes will cost you only 5 cents! incredible! Try it I guarantee its quality.

Fonochat – 1-800-831-111

The Fonochat established in 1990, is an ideal phone chat line service for English and Spanish speakers. The whole community is adult-focused. You can talk about whatever you want. You can easily find the number of local Latin girls.

High-secured SSL Certificate keeps all your browsing information safe. Here you can also have a Hotlist and talk to the girls of your choice later. The phone chat service is personally my first choice.

LiveTalk – 1-800-444-LIVE

Although LiveTalk is not one of my favorite services, if you like innovation, you can definitely use their phone number. I found their privacy is really unmatched though I don’t recommend it due to fewer users.

JetDoll – 1-800-Jet-Doll

The JetDoll is a great service for adult phone number users. Although established in 2012, the number of daily users is more than 10 thousand. This number of users has not been achieved by many chat line services in two decades.

At $1 USD per minute, you can easily get better service over other chat lines. It has the best technology on the market for audio and video calling, although I don’t like its text messaging service.

Interactive Male – 1-800-698-6986

Interactive Male is the best service I’ve ever seen for the North American Bi-Sex and Gay community. It’s incredibly well over 30,000 new people a month making it the best Gay chat line. It has postcode and manual search options for local search. This is a very satisfying service if you are gay and bis Sex.

1-800-Personals – 1-213-687-7675

The 1-800 Personal chat line service is not the best service for talking to random girls. It has been in the market since 2009 but now its users are decreasing day by day. You can see their website has not been updated for a long time. In general, I did not like the service because they charge the same price as modern high-end services do.

CollegePartyLines – 1-516-620-5816

Many people want to talk to college girls. Although this service doesn’t seem modern to me, you can use CollegePartyLines if you want to talk to college girls. The market has not improved much since 2008.

Many modern chat line features like a number blocking system, self-adding talk time, and Hotlist are not here. I don’t like the security system but there is an option to talk directly through video call which many people may like.

MetroVibe – 1-877-390-6677

The MetroVibe costs only 24 cents per minute. You can talk to anyone. This site is very cheap. This site came to the American market in 2008. There are more than three thousand new users monthly, but this line is not on my list of favorites.

You will get a 50% discount on the first purchase. It is a very easy-to-understand platform and customer service is fairly good.

GirlsFlirtFree – 1-818-230-8331

Many girls are frustrated that there is no chat line service just for them but the GirlsFlirtFree will alleviate that frustration. With 30 minutes free trial ‘and more than 10 thousand new users every month this is one of the best services in the market.

There is a video calling system here but you have to find the local girls manually. I like this service very much. Personally, I have used it and found that their customer service and security are very good.

Axxesschat – 1-312-327-2323

Axxesschat numbers cost only 50 cents per minute. You can easily talk here. This service was opened to Latin users in 2003. The number of new users per month is more than one thousand. Their website is good enough.

Another good thing is that it has customer service in both Spanish and English. Their security system is quite satisfactory. If you want to buy a phone number service with Latin girls in mind, this may be the right decision. It has a voicemailbox and a live chat room too.

Vibeline – 1-800-811-1633

The Vibeline was established in 1990 for the incredibly popular black people in America. Since its inception, it has been successfully serving more than 30,000 new black boys and girls monthly. Information security and good payment options are extremely modern and attractive.

This service can be good for anyone if you like black girls. Customer service is unparalleled and the user interface of the website is unique. The advantage is that it offers an alluring service at a very low cost.

FreeChatGirls – 1-509-676-1400

FreeChatGirls was founded in 2012. This site is suitable for all users. With more than 20,000 new users daily, the chat line service in the US and Canada is providing special security for privacy. There is a chat room facility for talking as well as there is a free talking number for men which is not available in other chat lines.

Their security system is very good. There is a call system for Asian men and women. Here is the usual service for girls.

PhoneAndFlirt – 1-206-876-6231

The PhoneAndFlirt chat line service has been in the market since 2008. But the number of users is decreasing day by day, about one thousand new people are being added monthly. I am not suggesting one to take their service. You can’t buy minutes automatically from them, you have to do it manually which is a down site.

The sign-up bonus of only 5 minutes. Many people don’t like it. Although their security service is quite good, I’m not recommending you.

MegaMates – 1-888-634-2628

The MegaMates service is the most modern of the chat lines in the market and you can buy the service from here no matter what your Sex preference is. More than 10,000 users are being added monthly. Most of the users here are Latin. If you want, you can talk to the local Latin. You can buy the minutes you want.

You don’t need anyone’s help. Your credit card will be protected by SSL security. It has its own algorithm which will suggest to you the girl of your choice. MegaMates will help you to form a lasting relationship. Most loved ones have 900 local phone numbers through which you can talk to the girls of your own city.

Another good thing you can do is pay only 12 USD You can talk to anyone 24 hours a day. Their customer service is better than any other chat line.

QuestChat – 1-504-620-2222

QuestChat starts at 26 cents per minute! It is getting incredibly popular. This chat line service adds over 30,000 new members every month. It is the best in the service market with 60 minutes of free talk time and this service is unique with Android and iPhone apps. That’s why thousands of new members are being added every day.

The security system seems to me to be quite satisfactory. The facility to buy minutes on your own and the best customer service 24 hours a day have put this company ahead of other companies. Mailboxes and mobile applications make it one of the largest phone chat lines on the market.

TangoPersonals 1-800-810-8108

Most dirty-minded girls use TangoPersonals phone sex numbers. You can have a phone Sex of your choice in more than one thousand local towns of the country. This best service has launched in 1990. The number of new users on this site is more than three and a half every month. You have phone Sex options, and you will also get long-term dating.

The security system is very good and the user information is being kept very confidential. It will be safe with your credit card. I have personally tried their service. I hope you will be satisfied. It is always free for the users.

RedHot Dateline – 1-800-945-3616

In addition to the RedHot Dateline 30-minute free service, established in 1990. The service is exclusively for adults. You will not find any chat line service like this. Their security system, Debit card data storage, money transactions, and privacy are impressive. Really great customer service. I really like it. It is one of my favorite chat line services.

GuyLiveLine – 763-390-0000

If you are gay then GuyLiveLine is for you even though it is not the best service in the market but you can talk on this line without any hesitation. Most of the users of this chat line are in their 30s. They are very friendly and you will have a lot of fun talking.

You can buy your own minutes. You can find local gays manually. You don’t have to spend any money here. But you will have fun using it. Some of the popular and useful premium features are not here but since it is free of cost so I will ask you to use them.

Yummyvibe –  888-420-0909

Yummyvibe has 30 Minutes of free talk time and all the other modern conveniences. This site for black girls is very popular. The monthly new user being added by Yummyvibe is positive.  It was created to make the Latin American black boys and girls community.

Benefits and benefits of third-party love and very few chat line services. High Secured SSL will provide your security. Its website is very user-friendly and there is a hotlist facility here. I have tried it and you will definitely benefit from using it.

LocalHotChat – 1-310-746-2366

The LocalHotChat was founded in 2010 for dirty talk. This site is not very popular. Until a while ago this site added 30000 new members monthly but now that number has come down to 1000. It is very disappointing, but you can definitely use it because the previous users are still there.

You can buy your own minutes and get other modern benefits. This site, which has been in service for over 20 years, offers a 30-minute bonus that you can use to verify its effectiveness. I recommend it to you.

NightExchange – 1-713-574-5255

The NightExchange costs just 28 cents. You can enjoy the service on this site. Founded in 1996. It has an Android app. It also provides services in English and French. More than 10 thousand new users are added to it every month.

They also have secure 50% Talktime for the first time you open an account. 24 hours live support and talk to local girls using local zip codes. The Hotlist facility is at the top of my list of favorites. You can try using the service.

MyMobileLine – 1-888-580-7070

My Mobile Line is a relatively new site founded in 2006 with an incredible 50,000 new users per month which are the second-highest in the chat line industry. Its community is undoubtedly great.

This site will no doubt provide protection for adults and Phone Sex. This site is undoubtedly guaranteed by your credit card security through a third party. Anyone using this service has a 99% chance of success.

HowlLine – 1-516-279-1643

HowlLine is popular because of its direct video chat facility. Many men like Howl Line because it talks as well as sees the women in front of it. With more than 3,000 new users a month, this site allows you to manually find the most popular local girls in America. Search for the service at a very low price. You will get 60 minutes of free talk time when you open an account for the first time.

GrilsPartyLine – 516-620-5815

Many people have questions about why chat lines are created only for boys. You have the answer to this question. Girls Party Line was Founded in 2012 with 30 minutes of free talk time. Not much, but it’s famous as a girls’ party. Don’t forget to give me your credit card here. No security. I don’t like the security system at all, but it can be used as there is a 60-minute sign-up bonus.

NightConnect – 1-888-701-0707

The NightConnect was founded in 2006. The famous chat line for dirty talk is very popular among American users. Nearly 20,000 new users are added to it every month. Most of them are white American customer service. The system is good enough.

Expansion of their business in 2000 small towns all over North America. You can talk on a webcam if you want. Their security system is very good. The 30 minutes talk time facility ensures your security through a third party. At a much lower price, you will get all the modern conveniences.

LatinoVoices – 1-888-903-0505

The LatinoVoice costs only 29 cents. Founded in 2008. You can easily find Latin girls. More than three thousand new hits monthly. Their users are very young. You can easily find local girls here. They also have loved through third parties to protect your credit card.

They have a security system and a very modern website. It has a hot facility through which you can easily find the girl of your choice. You can get 60 minutes of free talk time from here.

LavalifeVoice – 1-877-800-5282

Costing just 21 cents per minute, LavalifeVoice is a North American state-of-the-art iPhone and Android app set in 2008. Its users are growing by leaps and bounds. More than 4,000 new customers a month are being added. In addition to the benefits, 30 minutes is free here.

You also get 50% extra as a sign-up bonus and if you use the service well for a long time, you have the opportunity for rewards and points. You can easily find girls in your area through local searches. Because it is very modern and very satisfying to use which you will not find in any other way


I have tested over 100 chat lines from the internet to make this shortlist of free trial numbers that work for my readers. However, I do not guarantee 100% the success of phone Sex, cause sometimes success depends on personal skills.