TheFreeChatLine Number 712-432-5700 | Is It Worth Trying?

TheFreeChatLine is one solution for adults chatting anonymously with men, women, and gays. This chat line is absolutely free to use chat line with the video calling option which I’ve found effective for getting laid. So, I’m writing a review on the TheFreeChatline number and see if it is for everyone or not.


  • Editor’s rating: 9/10.
  • Free trials: unlimited min.
  • Call: 1-504-620-2222

TheFreeChatLine Number 712-432-5700 | Is It Worth Trying?

Before I recommend you, let me clear one thing, you will never going to get any premium service as another top-notch chat line provides. Free things are not for any serious person, instead if you like to experiment with an adult chat line that you didn’t do it before, you are welcome.


Another thing is, that free chat lines attract fewer women and less service, but I found it super efficient in attracting traffic. It is getting over 15k visitors every month which is more than some paid chat lines!

But they have a service called unblockable chat number which is paid, and you can expect quality service from there.

Ok, let’s go to the main review to see its functionality and other services.

Name TheFreeChatLine
Established 2002
Entry 18+
Users North American
Operating Language English
Community Adult focused
HotList N/a
PhotoSharing N/a
App N/a
LGBTQ service Yes
Operating area US and Canada
Estimated visitor 15k/month
Users trend Increasing
Users’ loyalty (trust) Positive
User base Large
Editor’s Rating 9/10
Anonymity Yes
Safety High
Privacy Policy Yes, USA standard
Personal information asked Name, address, phone number, photo, credit card.
Local search Yes (via postcode)
Community engagement Yes
3 some/group sex N/a
Block callers Yes (premium only)
Self adding Talktime Yes (premium only)
Dating Matching N/a
Greeting Clip Up to 1 minute
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes (premium only)
Deducted membership After 3 months if your account remains silent.
Customer service 24/7
Free trials Yes
Price 100 Min for $9.95, 240-Min for $19.95, 10-hr for $39.00, 21-hrs for $69.00
Female Subscription Free forever
Payment options
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
PayPal, Cash through Western Union
Payment Security Yes (via high-secured SSL)
Sign up bonus N/a
Members loyalty reward Yes (via points and minutes)

What is TheFreeChatLine?

TheFreeChatLine is a free chat line service for the straight, gay, and transgender communities. It is always a free adult chat line with video phone sex options. It offers paid subscriptions at $5.5 cents which is one of the lowest!

Why TheFreeChatLine is better?

The Free Chat Line in many options, first of all, you are getting a free chat line service which is somewhat compared to a premium service. Secondly, the video calling option is extremely kinky, and attractive which helps many men and women get laid. Lastly, unblockable phone numbers for unlimited calling.

Although, I do not recommend anyone with intention of getting laid and quality spam-free service it is the best free chat line option.

Entry requirements

Every member must be over 18 to be able to call this chat line otherwise, they preserve authority to terminate your account which I’ve found somewhat ineffective on free chat clines as they don’t have any documents ensuring your personal identity.


In terms of security, The Free Chat Line is not the most secure and reliable, and out of scamming, but still, it is highly secure. Free services often bear spam ads and calls and most time spam emails. I hope you will understand my point. The only hope is they don’t claim any documents and if you hide information in your profile you are secure. Their site doesn’t have SSL security whatsoever.

Can I get laid using TheFreeChatLine?

Well, you can get laid using The Free Chat Line but there is one problem; free chat numbers don’t attract quality females as they spam too much.

What types of women call TheFreeChatLine?

Most real women are using The Free Chat Line because free chat lines don’t have any intention of spending behind users. How will they return the money?

Free services

All services of The Free Chat Line are free of cost, except the unblockable chat line number which is premium. You will get a free chat number, not a trial, 100% free forever with other services.

Video calling

The Free Chat Line offers a video calling option and group sex option which is worth trying for any sex addict male. The whole system is secure and you can select one way to see her or two ways for better video sex.


Unblockable chat line number cost probably the cheapest I’ve ever reviewed, it is unbelievable, groundbreaking, $5.5 cents!

Price for men: 100 Minutes for $9.95 (9.9-cents per minute), 240-Minutes for $19.95 (8.2 -cents per minute), 10-Hours for $39.00 (6.5-cents per minute), 21-Hours for $69.00 (5.5-cents per minute)

Price for women: Free

To order any package, simply call 1-833-444-2428a toll-free number, and they will assist you there.

Payment method: Visa, Master Card, and Discover

Payment Security: SSL security is insured your payment information.

Customer services:

24/7 customer service is ensured for its premium users in case of any account loss, password recovery, or other issues. They offer priority customer service for an unblockable number of users.

Deduction membership

You are allowed to use all of your packages within 3 months, otherwise, they will vanish from your account. And remaining inactive for 3 months will deduct your membership.


As a free service, it is the most reliable chat line and its premium service is the cheapest at $5.5 cents per minute. I think it is worth trying at this rate, as it has a video sex option too!