Transexual Chat Lines – Best TS Chat Line

Bing a Transsexual is not a shame; you have the freedom and right to live your own life. But finding another Transsexual person could be difficult if you don’t know where and what to look for. So, I’ve made a list of the best Transsexual chat lines that will take you straight to a pool of hot Transsexual communities to have fantasies and feel comfortable with ebony BBW ts and other ts.

Transexual chat lines – Best TS chat lines

Before I start writing, I confess, this was not so easy to find TS chat lines. They are not so common and easy to find some better TS chat lines and make a list out of them. After days of hard work and trial, I am making this list of free phone sex lines.

So, let’s jump into the best Transsexual chat lines.


Tayachat – 1-866-292-8293 – A gender-free chat line with 60 min trial

With 60 min free trial I found Tayachat is a community standard gender-free chat line that offers a new way of adult phone dating without thinking about your sexual preference. Call their free trial number and enjoy 60 min trial without paying anything.

AdultTransChat – Best for Transgender Chat and Social Networking

AdultTransChat is all about social networking and chatting with transgender, trans, transsexual, non-binary, and crossdressers. You will find a welcoming and friendly place for trans to meet others for not just sexual things but to make friends. Just make a profile, and you are ready to go. – An exotic social chat room for hot ebony BBW ts is a hot pool of hot TS for social chat and adult chat. It is a chat room for TS and other cross-genders; not for straight singles. is a real, dedicated chat room for TS and non-TS adults who like TS to satisfy fantasies.

Minneapolis Transexual

It is TS chat rooms that have a strong community intended to have a conversion with anyone who enters that pool.

TS phone s*x

Is not a very popular site still you can make your move and have a look at their system if it works for you or not. It is a very niched based service to meet hot TS.


Top-hot shemale TS is waiting to meet you to have the dirtiest conversation with you within a few minutes. Take a look at them and feel the kind of hottest shemale you dreamed of.

So, who is Transexual?

Transsexuals are people who change their gender permanently by applying medical treatment in their life. They are not born Transsexual but want to live as different gender within their lifespan. Suppose, a male becomes a female or a female becomes a male. This is people’s intellectual fantasy.

Who likes Transexual?

Well, a Transexual or a straight man/woman can fall in love with Transsexuals; it depends on people’s personal choices. Some people love Transexual in some part of their life, some might just want quick, some might wants to talk, some from curiosity, and the list goes on and on.

Can I get laid with a Transexual?

Of course, they are normal people like us except for sexual differences. I’ve to mate some of them, they are good. It was strange when I meet with the first Transexual woman, and the day has long gone. I’ve personally tried it, it is good.

Is it safe to get laid?

Yes, they are safe but don’t meet at the secret place if you don’t know him/her. First, make a friendship and you can get laid and have fun.

How many Transexual live in the USA?

According to “The Wlliamsinstitute of law”, there are almost 1.4 million adults who are estimated to be TS which is roughly 0.6% of the total US population! So, you will find a lot of men and women around you. And this community is big enough to fulfill your desire.

How many Transexual use chat lines?

Although there is no exact number of adult line users everyone is using smartphones and they use either, phone number for chatting or TS dating apps to connect socially as they are just 0.6% of the total population which means 6 people out of 1000 is TranssSxual.

Are Transexual chat lines worth it?

Paying for the phone is worth it when you need to; you don’t have any other options except online community or social clubs to meet a Transexual and not just a Transexual but a hot and naughty one who loves to talk and agreed to the fun. This is why, Transexual chat lines are worth using, and worth spending on it.

Can I find ebony BBW ts?

Of course, there are endless possibilities for getting the ebony BBW ts on the chatlines we have provided. However, if you really want to meet them in real life, you must convince them to meet outside of these chat lines.


With that low population of TS, this would be the only chance of having a sexual affair with a Transsexual person is Transexual chat lines that take care of other issues at a cheaper rate. I personally tested all of the TS chat lines and TS chat rooms and comes up with this list. It will definitely help you.