Vibeline Phone Number | Vibeline Number With 30 Min Trial

Vibeline is a quick and easy way to chat with people you are interested in. Get your Free Trial by simply picking up the phone and calling your local Vibeline number from our Vibeline review 2023. If you’re new, they will guide you through getting free minutes for chatting before finally signing up as a paid member. At that point, even more, juicy promotions await!


What is Vibeline? Vibeline has been giving the hottest black women for North America’s male population since 1990. It is a safe black chat line that connects with singles just like you, making instant connections and providing an outlet to express your needs without fear of judgment or repercussion from other people.

Vibeline Phone Number | Vibeline Chatline Number With 30 Min Trial

With over 20 years of experience, it has been giving the hottest black women to US and CA males. They are looking for a safe place to get instant connections with real singles just like you!

UsersBlack Community
Operating LanguageEnglish
Entry Age18+
CommunityAdult-focused, Phone Sex
LGBTQ serviceN/a
Operating areaUSA & Canada
Estimated visitor30k+
Users trendExtremely Positive
Users’ loyalty (trust)Positive
User baseMostly Black American
Editor’s Rating10/10
Privacy PolicyUS Standard
Personal information askedName, age, gender,

and card or bank details if you buy a subscription.

Local searchYes
Community engagementYes
3 some/group sexYes, Paid Service
Block callersYes, Paid Service
Self adding TalktimeYes, Paid Service
Dating MatchingN/a
Greeting ClipYes
Pre-recorded voice clipYes, Paid Service
Offline messagingYes, Paid Service
Deducted membershipYes, after 3 months of inactive uses
Customer serviceYes, 24/7, Paid Service
Free trialsYes
Price120 min at $29.99, 60-min at $9.99 & 10 min at $4.99.
Female SubscriptionYes, Free Forever
Payment options
Payment optionsVisa, Creditcard, Mastercard, etc.
Payment SecuritySSL security, credit card statement will show “TELIGENCE”
Sign up bonusYes
Members loyalty rewardYes

Why Vibeline is better

You can make the most out of your juicy chat sessions with Vibeline. It’s safe, secure, and private, so you don’t have to worry about somebody walking in on you or revealing any explicit details from a previous conversation.

Vibeline is your one-stop shop for finding hot women. Whether you’re new to the site and need help getting started or are an old pro looking to take it up a notch with some private chats, Vibeline has something right for everyone!

Safety features

Women are often looking for a place to share their thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. Today’s chat rooms can be as private or anonymous as you want them to be with live video chats that are uncensored! In addition, you’ll never have any surprises when chatting because every call is always secured, so your privacy is guaranteed.

What are the extra benefits a member gets?

  • Fast customer service
  • Access from any device
  • Saved greeting
  • Priority messages for better results
  • Members loyalty reward
  • Ads-free calling
  • Self-adding talk time

The Vibeline experience is more than just a chatline. With the ability to call your local number, you can laugh and flirt with other singles in real time! In addition, when two compatible people connect, they’ll have an exclusive one-on-one voice chat where anything goes!

You can use our many features, such as sending icebreakers quickly kick off conversations on live chat rooms where you might find someone who interests you – but if they don’t suit your taste, block them using our blocking system so there won’t be any more interruptions.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

Members enjoy features like putting people in their Hotlist, which means they’ll be notified if someone adds them but not vice versa, and offline messaging (so no one will know what you’re talking about).

Does Vibeline offer area code chat lines/local chat?

Yes, Vibeline offers an area code chat service to meet local black women for better understanding and to increase the possibility of getting laid.

Offline messaging

You can now hear greetings from callers who were recently on the line. You also can send messages and receive them when you are offline. Near misses will be a thing of the past with this new feature!

You’ll never miss another important message again thanks to its powerful features like hearing greetings, sending & receiving messages while offline, and saving your favorite ones. Hence, they’re at your fingertips anytime.

Do I need to record the voice clip over and over again?

No, Record your voice clip once and forget it altogether. You can re-use it anytime, and if you need to make any changes, you can do it too!

What Kind of Women Call Vibeline?

All the real women, real black hot women around you, are calling it. They don’t hire any paid operator cause it has a free subscription for women, which supplies endless women to their system.


For men: You can either buy 120 minutes at $29.99 or get 60-minute options at $9.99 that come with a first-time purchase offer of 30 minutes free! Or 10 Minutes at $4.99.

For women: Free

Distance charge: Calling outside of your local calling area will incur long-distance charges, so be sure to check out the rates before you make that call.

Payment Security

Your purchase can be just between us, or it can stay a complete mystery; we’re happy either way! You can rest easy knowing that your order is secure with SSL. When you type in the details of what you want, we encrypt them and send them to us so nobody else can sniff out any information from them.

This purchase is as private as your thoughts. Your credit card statement will only show “TELIGENCE” for this transaction, as our company name stands in place of all the information you may want to keep secret.

Payment options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Cash via Western Union is also an option for those who prefer to be more discreet in their transactions.

Billing assistance: You’ll have a better chance of understanding your bill if you call us for help at 1-800-431-8423. You now have the option to choose how much time you want for your phone sex experience.

How to recover the pin?

Sometimes people forget their mailbox number and are worried about its security. If you lose your numbers, call our friendly 24-hour Customer Service at 1-800-434-4469 to get new ones! For extra protection, we might ask that you verify your personal information before getting a new one.

Those memberships that have not been used for three months will be terminated without a refund.


Vibeline is a sex chat app where you can meet people with the same interests as you. You might also find that it’s an easy way to make friends, too. One of its most popular features is the ability for users to anonymously message each other to get acquainted before deciding if they want to take things further. There are also many different ways to filter your search, so finding someone compatible should be no problem at all!